Heart beating fast
Life flashing past
Road leeching last
Just breathe

Uproot my roots like some old elm tree
Looking for somewhere new to cast my boundary
Pulling through and pushing past the gravity of home

Both a savior and an anchor
A giver and a taker
A maker of all the visions beyond its porch and shutters

Life never gives you peace about that place of origin
But you are planted there,
Until you say, “No more.”

Now, lying on the floor,
Fingers tracing figures
In the soft, sunlit rug,
I feel a sharp tug
Of being far away

A line of yarn stretches
Across those yellowed maps
On old visitor center walls,
Secured by two push pins
And my own resolve

Perhaps the allure of adventure
Made me bet too much on independence’s shelter
Familiarity is let out to wander
Never to come back to her
Who was once me.

And the Disturbance lies in a cement line between.