Inkwell Literary Magazine publishes a monthly issue of creative literary work. We were founded in 2020 and are currently operated by a staff of twenty-six students from Bob Jones University. Our staff of writers produces content regularly for publication while also accepting submissions from current BJU students, alumni, faculty, and staff. We are an interdisciplinary publication, believing that writers come from all walks of life and all areas of academia—because everyone has a story to tell.

Mission Statement

Inkwell Literary Magazine’s mission is to provide writers in the Bob Jones University community a place of artistic collaboration and review, as well as a platform to share their works. Our hope is to create an environment where students can develop and share their creative work regardless of their program of study in accordance with the mission of a Christian liberal arts university. Furthermore, our goal is to provide those desiring to pursue a career in creative writing with opportunities to work with a literary publication as writers and editors. We produce quality creative work including short stories, poetry, and creative non-fiction on a monthly basis. While we are not a genre-specific publication, we hold to content guidelines written according to the BJU policy on objectionable elements.


Our staff is comprised of dedicated students from Bob Jones University committed to quality content and literary excellence.  Read about them here.


Learn how to send in submissions, follow content guidelines, and read submission policies on our submissions page.

General Policies

Editing Policy

Upon having your work accepted for publication by Inkwell Literary Magazine, our editors will work with you to polish your piece before publication. Our policy is to retain as much of the artist's original work as possible while helping you to refine it. This includes copy editing to catch typographical errors, grammatical mistakes, etc. While our editors will contact you for approval on revisions, Inkwell reserves the right to make changes up until the time of publication.

Copyright Policy

Inkwell Literary Magazine, as an online journal, requests exclusive world rights of publication in the English language for one month, after which time all rights revert to the author. Authors retain copyright of their work and are free to publish elsewhere after the piece has been published for one month on the Inkwell Literary Magazine website. We request that any future publication of a piece written by staff or submitted be marked as appearing first in Inkwell Literary Magazine.

Privacy Policy

Read about how we respect your privacy and handle your personal information in our privacy policy.