Dear teacher, if only you knew . . .
Feet dragging, heads hanging,
We can’t see what’s true.
Minds spinning, hands quaking,
How can you know what we’ve been through?
If only you knew–
Parents quarreling, abusing the other;
Brothers dominating, governing our lives;
Sisters flaunting, demanding attention;
Grandparents forgetting, missing we’re even alive;
Friends pressuring, taking advantage of us;
Our child crying, requiring constant care.
How can you know?

Dear student, if only you knew . . .
His feet steady, head held high,
He knows what is true.
His hand warm, his arms open–
He knows what you’ve been through.
If only you knew–
Of a Father never yelling,
Of a Brother always serving,
Of a Friend always supporting,
Of the source of my strength,
Of my hiding place.
I may not know—how can I?
But my God knows it all.