Happy Fall, Inkwell readers! We’ve all been very busy these last few weeks—I’m sure many of you can relate—but we are excited to announce our second issue of the 2023–2024 school year, “Contention.”

Merriam-Webster defines contention as either a “point advanced or maintained in a debate or argument” or a “rivalry” or “competition.” No matter the specific use of the word, the theme of conflict is always present. Contention could be a petty disagreement springing from one of life’s little disturbances. Contention could be a years-long debate with a loved one, hanging over your heads like a balloon on the precipice of popping. What’s important to remember is that God desires for us to live in unity. This does not mean that we try to bury our feelings, giving them time to simmer and stew. We must confront our conflicts if we wish to conquer them.

It is with this spirit that we look forward to sharing “Contention” with you on Friday, October 20. Remember to check back here for a preview of this issue on Friday, October 13.