In Heaven, the angels gathered
In numbers too great to count
To watch a lonely figure
Walking to the throne of God.

He held his head stiffly high;
His eyes shone in defiance;
His robes were tainted white
And crusted with clouded jewels.

All the angels gathered
Around God’s holy throne.
All bowed their heads in reverence,
Except the proud Dark One.

He did not waste his words;
He came with clear intent:
“She sinned. And by the Law
She is forever mine.”

All the angels murmured;
All eyes bent down to Earth,
Following the finger
To a soul tainted by sin.

Then a voice rang out through Heaven,
As the light far greater shone,
“Be gone, O Prince of Darkness.
I claimed that soul as my own.”

Then Satan staggered backward.
The wounded Lamb stepped down
From the right hand of the Father
And sent two angels down

To earth with robes fit for Heaven—
Light made by Christ Himself—
And gave them to the mortal
To replace the tainted rags.

Then Satan, raging, fled,
For he knew it could not be
That he would ever claim
That dark one who was me.