There are two birds
That always fly together
In the sky,
Singing, laughing, and sharing life.
We were they.

Until one day
You fell away.
Left alone, I began to regret
All the miles we had flown.

I wondered, was it worth it,
To exchange things so sweet
Which could bite so bitter,
And leave me so incomplete?

But He tells me to love openly.
He will justify me.

He tells me open hearts are not for those
Who love loosely.
I clutched you tightly
And He said that was done rightly.

So fling doors and windows open wide
And embrace all those who come in.
Those who walk across the threshold,
Those who are blown in with the wind.
Those who linger for a while,
Whom you weather winter with.
And those who leave quickly,
whose warmth you won’t forget.

Fling doors and windows wide
Because it is not justice
Which allows us to live so free,
But the mercy—
The same my God showed to me.