I'm a blue jeans kinda girl
Not the bull ridin’, dust flyin’ rodeo,
But the small town is my hometown, room to grow.

I’m a ponytail every day kinda girl
Not the baseball diamond, heels dug in,
But the on my toes, 1,600-meter runnin’.

I'm an outdoorsy kinda girl
Not the fishin’, guttin’, or huntin’,
But the family tentin’, hikin’ every weekend.

I’m a red, white, and blue kinda girl
Not the camouflage kind of brave,
But fireworks on the back porch, eyes ablaze.

I’m a little quaint church kinda girl
Not the gray suits, white socks, black shoes,
Religious dissertation,
But the denim and leather, Sunday School, worn covers open
Heated discussion.

I’m a breathe out my prayers in frosty air kinda girl
Not the God in nature kinda believer,
But a creation recognizing her Creator
In reverence of all He has created for her.

I'm a blue jeans kinda girl
Not cut to a certain shape, warm and inviting, or safe,
But Rocky Mountain jagged, a little unforgivin’, but growin’ and right on pace.