Greetings, Inkwell readers! We are pleased to present a preview of our upcoming issue, “Nomad”: Olivia Best’s poem “Transient Thought.”

While we may often think of people as being nomads, this poem focuses instead on nomadic thoughts—wandering, fragmented, no clear origin or destination. These “half-remembered dreams” are murky, mysterious; they captivate us for a moment and then fade away into the fog of our memories. And while on the surface they may seem to hold no purpose, we encourage our readers to grasp onto their own nomadic thoughts for just a moment longer and really consider why they’ve stopped on their journey through our minds, where they’ve come from, and where they could be leading us.

We hope you enjoy Olivia’s poem, and be sure to check back next Friday, March 1, for the full edition of “Nomad.”

Transient Thought
Nomad— wandering the regions of my mind, holding your shifting, fluttering skirt close to your legs, and wading through a swamp of half-remembered dreams, like colorful garments glinting through the brine. Floating fragile on the top, a red scarf skitters past your fingertips, sinking below and g…