Happy Friday, Inkwell readers! We are pleased to present our first full issue of the semester, “Roots.”

In this issue our writers delve into both factual and fictional origin stories. Protagonists protect their hometowns from enemy encounters and accept the inevitable invasion of time and change. For some, the past and all its familiar characters are a beacon of hope guiding them to safety; others do all they can to avoid the murky waters of their memories. Still others set about accepting their roots, gaining strength from what makes them unique, a sense of self from a sense of how others have shaped them. Ultimately, remembering the true roots—the ones God planted thousands of years ago—allows them to break free from frozen soil and winding weeds and grow in His light.

We hope you enjoy “Roots.” Additionally, we’d like to encourage our readers who are current Bob Jones University students to participate in our writing contest for BJU’s annual Bible Conference. This is a fantastic opportunity to support a truly wonderful cause, and winners will be published in our next issue and receive a $25 Barnes and Noble gift card! Read more about the contest here.