Happy Wednesday, Inkwell readers! We are excited to announce our second issue of the semester, “Nomad.”

Nomad may seem to be in direct contradiction with our overarching theme for the semester, “Home.” However, nomads—individuals who wander and have no permanent dwelling—are forever linked to the concept of home. Why did they leave their homes? Did they even have homes to begin with? Will they ever find a new home? And even if they never stop roaming about, this liminal space (physical or figurative) they continue to occupy may eventually become familiar and comfortable—a home, of sorts.

No doubt we've all felt like nomads at some point in our lives, whether due to being in between residences or simply struggling to find a place where we fit in. This desire for a fixed home stems from our unconscious understanding that we do not belong here—our real forever home is with God in heaven. But until that day comes, we can rest easy knowing that no matter where we wander, no matter when or if we settle down, no matter how alone we may feel, God is still with us, and therefore we have a little piece of our forever home with us always.

Join us Friday, March 1, to discover what nomad means to our writers and how it shapes their interpretations of home, and check back Friday, February 23, for a sneak peek!

If you would like to submit a piece for “Nomad,” please visit our Submissions page for more details and submit your work by Friday, February 16.