Welcome back, Inkwell readers! We are excited to present our first preview poem of the semester, “When I First Loved You: A Sonnet for My Sister” by Eden N. Rowland.

In her poem, Eden explores the relationship between two sisters by painting pictures of childhood innocence and frivolity. But there is an underlying sense of bittersweetness when contemplating these memories—they are a time lost to time, buried as deep in the past as roots in the ground. However, the love between the sisters extends into the present and endures into the future, like a mighty tree growing from a small seed planted long ago.

We hope you enjoy Eden’s poem, and we look forward to sharing “Roots” in its entirety with you Friday, February 9.

When I First Loved You: A Sonnet for My Sister
I cannot remember when I first loved The budding, blushing rose—the face of you. From the moment we met, my spirit moved Because God knew life is better with two. Do you recall those early days of gold When doll clothes formed fabric mosaic floors? It all slipped away