Season’s Greetings, Inkwell readers! We’ve made it to the end of the semester, and I personally could not be more proud of our staff for all their hard work in the last few months. From our newest members to those who have been with us for years, our entire staff demonstrates a level of creativity and dedication that shines through in every single issue of Inkwell Literary Magazine, and for that I am abundantly grateful. We are also thankful for you, dear reader, for following along with us this semester through “Disturbance,” “Contention,” “Defeat,” and now “Vindication.”

Vindication: justification against denial or censure.

Prepare to embark on a journey with our writers as they take you on a rainy walk with friends, a tightrope excursion across the Grand Canyon, a desperate mission deep in space, and playtime between two young boys—all the while showing not only the joy of justice but also the peace of sometimes putting pride aside and forgoing vindication altogether.

We hope you enjoy all this and more in “Vindication.” A PDF is available to download here. We hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday season, and we look forward to what next semester has in store.