Welcome back, Inkwell readers! The semester certainly has flown by; we’re already hard at work on our third issue, “Defeat.”

Merriam-Webster has several definitions of defeat: frustration by nullification or by prevention of success, an overthrow especially of an army in battle, the loss of a contest. Personally, defeat tends to conjure images of the second definition: the white flag of surrender, the black cloud of fading cannon fire, the red blood of the fallen. But defeat is something we’ve all experienced, whether or not we’ve fought in a war. At its core, defeat is being unable to get what you want, and nobody ever gets everything they want.

What will the characters of this issue desire? Why won’t they be able to attain their goals? And is what they want really what they need? Find out Friday, November 10, and catch a sneak peek next Friday, November 3.