We at Inkwell are pleased to present a sneak peek at our upcoming issue, “Defeat.”

Eden N. Rowland’s poem “The Pawn” presents a narrator in the midst of a dark chapter in the history of humanity. While this narrator remarks on the errors and mistakes of others, the focus is on his own actions. He resolutely accepts that he is his own worst enemy, ultimately nothing more than a pawn to be played with. Indeed, I’m sure we have all felt similar feelings in moments of despair. But, as individuals living in the twenty-first century, we know of the light that follows this past era of darkness, just as we know of the eternal light to come after this current era of darkness. The defeat we feel now may make us wish to simply give up and become numb, but we can rest assured that we will, in the end, have victory.

We hope you enjoy Eden’s poem and return to read our full issue of “Defeat,” out next Friday, November 10.

The Pawn
What hell can you wreck upon lone me? My King and Queen have retreated, And I am my own worst enemy. Fiery stakes consume the clergy Who told me forgiveness was dead. What hell can you knaves wreck upon me? Slaughtered soldiers leave their glory— War stories of the conceited—