Inkwell Literary Magazine is pleased to present “Contention,” our second issue of the semester.

Contention: a point advanced or maintained in a debate or argument; rivalry, competition.

For this issue in particular, we encourage our readers to contemplate how they would react to the contentious situations our writers have concocted. For example, what would you do if you were trapped in a mine with eleven other people, some of them decidedly not your friends? How would you react to a spouse sent off to fight in a faraway war? How would you feel if daily discouragements kept mounting and mounting, pressure building and building? Would you find a way to work together? Would you allow your anxious thoughts to constantly consume you? Or would you find joy in life’s little pleasures, despite your own despair?

We hope you enjoy “Contention” (and our little reading exercise)! A PDF is available for download here. We would also like to remind our readers that we are currently accepting submissions for our next issue, “Defeat”; please send your submissions to by next Friday, October 27.