I come to visit you each day,
My dear and quiet friend,
To watch you dance and play
At the day’s gloriously golden end,

And to watch the tall, dark rushes
Bend in rhythm with your song—
The music hushing the turmoil within—
As the harmonizing wind hums along.

I come again, my flowing friend,
Amid life’s endless, grating noise
To hear the quiet murmuring
Of your ever-soothing voice:

Do not fear
The dark tomorrow,
And all the hardships of tomorrow,
The bleak storms approaching with tomorrow.

As I am constant—
As my voice is always constant—
Our song of hope will always be constant,
The song of hope that God Almighty gave us.

Close your eyes.
Let life’s clangor settle to silence,
And hear my low song in the silence,
And the song of the birds in the silence.

I close my eyes and listen long
To the murmuring of your song
Of quiet rest and constant peace—
Of steady, ever-flowing peace,

Then, hearing this, I rest at ease
That the ever-lasting Prince of Peace
Can truly give abundant peace
Amid life’s jarring chaos.