Another semester of classes,
And homework to the heavens:
Another several months
Of lectures and dining hall crowds;
Speed-reading and study; scribbles
Of notes on this and that;
Headaches and braindead moments
When thoughts should be flowing fast!
Schedules that keep running
Down never-ending trails;
Deadlines always lurking
And surprising without fail!
The cycles of life keep twisting,
Swifter and tighter still;
The mind of the world keeps spinning,
Day after day; until—
Darkness spreads and twilight deepens;
Silence overflows each hall;
Books are closed and lamps are darkened
Except for one Book—one Light—that’s all.
Then time sleeps, and the world stops spinning;
Then all cares turn back and flee;
Then the One Who was from the beginning
Reveals life’s brevity—and then, eternity.