In life’s great furnace, we’re put to the test,
Our souls refined, our hearts held to the flame
Yet Christian values guide us through each quest,
And shape our character as we proclaim

His grace and mercy—our guiding light.
We walk with purpose, hand in hand, in stride,
Embracing virtue, shining ever bright,
Our faith in Christ—our constant, trusted guide.

Through trials and temptations, we hold on tight
To Him—our rock, our anchor, our desire—
As we strive to do what is just and right,
And in His love, we find our hearts on fire

For love and kindness, peace and joy we need
To live a life that’s worthy of our creed.

May prayer and study nourish soul and mind,
And shape our hearts, to Christ’s own heart aligned.

Let the beat of our hearts reflect this art,
In gentle rhythm, like a soothing balm,
As we rise above the pain and the hurt,
And trust in Christ, who makes our pathway calm.

Let us strive to live a life that’s true,
And keep our eyes fixed on the Lord above,
For in His grace, we find our hearts anew,
And learn to grow in faith, hope, and love.

As we journey through life’s winding road,
May Christ’s love be our only load,
For in His love, we find our rest—
A home in Him, secure and blessed.