You think that you can knock me down
Cut my flesh and break my bones.
Bury me into the ground
Left to rot under your feet.

But though I sleep, I will not die
I’ll feed all the weeping trees.
Forests shall rise and so will I
Forming a parlor for us.

Every evil comes dressed in lace
They come to afternoon tea.
I know this devil has my face
She talks on, and I listen.

We negotiate all the world
What should live and what should burn.
We sit, and I am undisturbed
I’ve bargained with her before.

She is stubborn, but so am I
Weary souls are not for sale.
She is ceaseless, but so am I
I will not let her consume.

We sit with knives concealed in wrists
I could kill me to kill her.
I am willing, but she resists
She knows the power I have.

So I know that none can break me
Because I’ve sat down with her.
She has played her hand against me
And I have risen victor.

So sharpen blades and play your cards
Your only tools in this fight.
I’ll shuffle mine and scan your guard
I’ve fought this fight many times.

A courtroom of conversation
Waits for you to step inside.
A game of negotiation
Who will fall and who will rise?

Note: This poem discusses the theme of rising up against the evil in the world by facing down the evil inside. The poet portrays the evil within as the devil, who stares the poet down with her own face.