Inkwell Literary Magazine is pleased to present a preview of our upcoming issue, “Nostalgia”: Vivian Waite’s poem “The Magic of Toys.”

Do you know what happened to your old toys? Maybe you donated them or gave them to a younger sibling or cousin. Perhaps you still have some packed away somewhere. Or maybe you have no idea where they ended up!

What if your old toys knew what happened to you? In her poem Vivian contemplates what they would say to us if they could. Would they be upset at us for abandoning the imaginary worlds we created with them for the real one? Or would they reflect fondly on those times while taking pride in how far we’ve come?

We hope you enjoy Vivian’s poem, and we encourage our readers to remember their own past playtimes and “the magic of toys.” And don’t forget to check back Friday, March 29, for the full issue of “Nostalgia.”

The Magic of Toys
Well-worn figures on a shelf, With shiny eyes and plastic faces And a quiet voice within That faintly calls from distant places, “Remember us, my friend! And the world that we have made Of magic and of wonder, Where the two of us have played In imaginary meadows, On ridged