Welcome back, Inkwell readers! We cannot believe this is the last issue of the semester! We are so excited to conclude the semester with “Legacy.”

Legacy: “The long-lasting impact of particular events and actions that took place in the past of a person’s life.”

The idea of a legacy can invoke various feelings. You may feel a sense of pride and accomplishment by looking at the paths you have chosen and lessons you’ve taught others along the way. But what about the things we regret doing? The things we wish we could go back and change? A legacy is something all of us will leave behind: all of the decisions we make shape the way we are remembered.

What kind of legacies will be left behind by the characters in this issue? How do their choices fashion them into role models? Or how do their choices affect how everyone else sees them? Find out Friday, April 19, and catch a preview Friday, April 12. If you would like to submit your work for “Legacy,” please visit our Submissions page for more details, and send your submission by Friday, April 5.