Inkwell would like to wish all our readers a happy (almost) fall and present a sneak peek at our upcoming first issue of the semester, “Disturbance.”

The disturbance in Trenton Goldsmith’s poem “The Bothered Dancer” is not one singular event—it is instead a daily constant for the poem’s protagonist. However, this “bothered dancer” takes the tumult in stride and thrives in the ever-changing environment.

We hope you enjoy Trenton’s poem, and we look forward to sharing our entire issue with you next Friday, September 22.

The Bothered Dancer
On the stage, a plateau, overlooking a river The trees laughing nearby, the dancer quivers The bothered dancer, with needle trembling, trying to find true north Is waltzing and twirling to show its true worth The wind roars, the rain pours, and the trees still laughing All rhythm is lost