After a gloomy Good Friday and Saturday, Easter Sunday dawned sunny and bright in Greenville, South Carolina. The weather was fitting for any day of rest, but it was especially fitting for the day when we remember Christ’s sacrifice and that, despite the troubles this world brings, we can truly have peace knowing that one day we will be with Him in paradise forever.

Our final issue of the semester, “Repose,” hopes to reflect some of that peace. Staff writer Eden N. Rowland’s poem “Silent Departure” dwells on the repose the poet feels while both taking communion during Holy Week, departing a service in silence on Good Friday, and looking ahead to Easter Sunday. We hope you enjoy Eden’s poem, and you can read “Repose” in its entirety on April 21!

Silent Departure
In the silence of the sanctuary, The bread and juice still linger on my tongue— The blood and body of the Father’s only Son Nailed naked to a tree at Calvary. The punishment of death should have been mine— But the beaten back and the brow of briar Were