Three days ago, students at Bob Jones University completed their first month of classes. In celebration of that milestone, the staff at Inkwell Literary Magazine is pleased to present a preview of our first issue of 2023: “Fragility”!

This lyrical poem by staff writer Vivian Waite examines a broken friendship through the lens of two fragile elements of nature, frost and dew. We hope you enjoy her imagery and poignant observation as much as we have. And be sure to keep an eye out for the full release of “Fragility” on Friday, February 10!

A sheet of silver lace Spreads across the glass, But in the gaze of sunlight Its loveliness will pass. The morning bed of pearls, Each sheathed in a shell of green, By high day is snatched away And not one drop is seen. A friend whose name is dear, Whose presence is part of home, Too quickly is lo…