Falling, O Lord, hear my desperate cry!
Plunging far from Your eternal presence,
Perplexed at my consistent condition––
From my miserable state, rescue me!
Save me from despairing reality.

Calling, O Lord, hear my desperate cry!
Praying through turmoil for tranquility,
Disappointed at the lack of relief––
From my lamentations draw me closely,
Leave Your righteous silence to rescue me!

Kneeling, O Lord, hear my desperate cry!
Trusting in Your unfailing promises,
Exhausted from relying on myself––
From fatigue I fall into Your arms,
For You have promised to deliver strength.

Fulfilling, O Lord, You answer my cry!
Resting in incomprehensible peace,
Reminded of Your wonderful faithfulness––
From my helpless sprawl, You aid me to stand,
Dying in my place, bringing lasting life.