This semester, we wrote about our ability to persevere and overcome, followed by the many different types of resistance against our efforts. For our third issue of the year, we’re wrenching free from the iron grip of opposition. We’re excited to present “Breakthrough”!

Breakthrough: a sudden, dramatic, and important discovery or development.

For the Inkwell staff, breakthroughs often look like overcoming writer’s block, or a whiff of unexpected inspiration. But we’re also looking forward to reading more unique takes on this month’s theme, such as reaching a destination after a difficult journey, getting a break in a puzzling case, or the Lord’s goodness in breaking through a stony heart. We’ll send out a sneak peek of “Breakthrough” on October 28!

Please send poetry, short story, or creative nonfiction submissions to our Editor-in-Chief, Renee Kalagayan, at, and stay tuned for our next issue release on November 4!