The staff at Inkwell Literary Magazine would like to wish you a warm welcome back! We are so glad to be diving back into the depths of the inkwell with our readers and supporters. With the release of our first issue of the Spring 2022 semester, Chaos, only a week a way, we're proud to present this exclusive first look at our next issue.

This poem, "Sunday Service," is written by one of our newest writers, senior English Education major Catherine Reynolds. We're so thankful to have her on staff! We know you'll enjoy her work.

Enjoy this sneak peek at Chaos, and be sure to look for our full issue release next Friday, February 11th online and in PDF form.

Sunday Service
How are you doing? “Great! Fine.” “Good. Well . . .” I smile. So do you. Teeth gleam in rows under curved lips. Our eyebrows raise, our eyes widen. Then I walk away, hands in my pockets; I don’t want you to see them shaking. You turn, sliding on your sunglasses, Masking tears and red-stre…