I’m going to brave it all;
I don’t need any help—
I have won every brawl.
Each test of strength shows my superiority.

From the womb to this day
I’ve stood victorious.
Enemies? What enemies?
They don’t stand a chance.

This day, like all others,
I will claim my prize.
Israel has no hope,
Even if I’m sent a competent man.

Each rival has quaked before me;
All they have done is hide.
Wait. What is this?
You’ve sent a child out of your midst!

He doesn’t belong here.
This is battle! This is war!
If this is your best,
What am I standing here for?

My sword alone he could hardly bear.
The weight of it could crush him, surely.
With boldness in his eyes, authority in his voice,
He bravely approaches me by his own choice.

I advance my attack to end this contest.
My reward shall be great.
This young one, his sling cannot overcome me;
No challenge is found in fighting this child.

Yet I step back in shock, a pain shoots through my head.
I stumble a bit with my head in my hand.
That brave child hit his mark, his sling still in hand.
I collapse to the ground; my eyes grow dark.

Darkness encloses me;
The boy draws near.
He’s grabbed my sword.
This is the end.

Goliath never stood again.