As the semester draws to a close, academic pressures and extracurricular responsibilities often feel overwhelming. Believers can rest in the Lord’s provision and His promise to carry us through, regardless of our ability (or lack thereof) and any resistance against us. Following “Breakthrough,” the Inkwell staff recognizes the perseverance required to push through to the end. We’re pleased to present our final issue of the semester: “Survival”!

Survival: the state or fact of continuing to live or exist, typically in spite of an accident, ordeal, or difficult circumstances.

For the Inkwell staff, and for the greater student body, survival is a regular mode of operation starting in November. Projects, papers, capstones, and tests abound. “Survival” can mean surviving off of instant noodles for a month, or staying cooped up in a dorm room for an entire weekend to attack a daunting mountain of homework. But we are also anticipating reading other perspectives on this month’s theme, such as outlasting a life-threatening ordeal, or learning to rely on the Lord in the midst of extreme difficulty. We’ll release a sneak peek of “Survival” on November 18!

Please email submissions for “Survival” to our Editor-in-Chief, Renee Kalagayan, at, and look out for our final issue release of the semester on December 2!