In Greenville, South Carolina, the pre-winter chill is finally starting to settle in: the late autumn air (and student motivation) is drying up. Exam week—and thus, the succor of Christmas break—is within sight. The Inkwell staff has lauded our “Ability” this semester, explored “Resistance” against our ambitions, and celebrated each “Breakthrough” that we encounter along the way. Now we’re returning to the all-familiar mode of existence for college students approaching exam week. Here’s a sneak peek of our final issue of the semester, “Survival”!

The short story “Night Monsters,” by staff writer Mackenzie Joy, recounts the shenanigans of two brothers and the terrors they battle in their parents’ absence. Her heartwarming narrative about boyish mischief and brotherly love is sure to put a smile on your face. Be sure to watch for “Survival,” which releases on Friday, December 4!

Night Monsters
On a cold and wet September evening, the Rhodes house bustled with activity. Bags were being packed, and cushions were searched for phones, bobby pins, and loose change. Aiden shared a sly look with Derek as they stood by the door. Mr. and Mrs. Rhodes hurried into the living room