At Bob Jones University, the spring semester is coming to an end. But as the number of days until final exams shrinks, the number of tasks on the to-do list may seem to grow. However, it’s important to remember to slow down and relax once in a while—to enter a place of repose.

Repose: a state of rest or tranquility after exertion or strain.

Though our to-do lists stretch on and on, God’s Word is clear: we can all experience repose by acknowledging that our Lord will help us through every task or trial that comes our way.

We’re excited to see what repose looks like for each of our writers! If you would like to submit a piece for this issue, please send it to Renee Kalagayan, our editor-in-chief, at, by Friday, April 14. “Repose” will be released on Friday, April 21!