Whispers in the wind that carry all I’ve ever loved—
My heart beats faster, faster now.
My soul feels not enough.
I watch those whispers swirl around
And dive down deep below.
I watch them run away from me—
“They’ll not come back.” –I know.
Can someone help me find the piece
That leads me to myself?
The ladder leading down the bank
To find my old youth’s health.
I see a shadow in the sand
I’ve never seen before.
“Who’s that?” I say, and that’s just it—
There’s more to me—much more.
I hear a crystal laugh and see a shining, happy face,
And all around I see myself—
I feel her in this place.
If I could just reach out to feel
And touch those grains of sand,
I think that I could find my life—
My strength in both my hands.