I would give you all the stars in my eyes.
I would weave you silks from my hair,
And build you palaces of my bones
In the midst of forests grown from my blood.
Grown beside oceans salted and churning with my tears.
I would give you all the songs my fragile lungs carried with them,
And all the fragrant winds I have breathed.
I would paint you masterpieces from my memory with all the ethereal colors of my soul.
I would fashion you rings from the glass of my heart,
Give you all the creatures my hands have befriended.
I would lie down and decay and grow worlds for you.

All this I would do in exchange for refuge from you.
You who remain cold to my desperation-heated pleas.
I lie in litost, imprisoned.
While the sun and moon weep for my absence and prepare the celestial ballroom in yearly hope for my return.