I’m a bit sad, a bit heartbroken.
I wish I were nine again and in love
With no one, nothing except my dream
To sail alone to Japan with my tabby cat.

Get up, trembling body!
There’s far too much to be done. You’ve
Far too much to offer during your short
Tenure on this shimmering sphere.

Look up, lowered eyes!
You’ll miss the beautiful things that are
Not unruined, not untouched by brokenness,
But that have learned to live despite it all.

Chin up, covered face!
Are you unloved and thus unlovely?
Tell me of one, even two, who spurn you,
And I will name ten who love you in spite.

Rise up, stubborn soul!
There’s nine years in you yet!
And still love, and still dreams,
And still curled in your arms, a tabby cat.