In the other world,
I can sense when trouble is at hand
And resolve each problem that I meet.

In that world,
I can heal injustices
And counsel lost souls with prudent voice.

In that world,
I can easily take command
And give Earth's kingdoms peace, wondrous and sweet.

In that world,
I can face each pressing crisis
With fearless heart and wisest choice.

But when this tumultuous world, mocking, rises,
That world shatters into shimmering shards,
As Reality, grabbing me, surprises.

Surrounding me, Reality laughs in scorn:
Walls, constricting, tower high,
And paths turn sharply at my feet.

And what strength have you,
Frame of dust and flickering spark of life,
To face the length of my twisting maze?

I stand within the labyrinth,
Going neither forward nor back,
My heart fluttering with unease.

“What can I do?” I cry.
“Look up,” God’s tender voice replies.
He is above the walls, where there are open skies.