I went to find a sea of gold,
A sea of gold, of shining gold,
A sea of the purest, finest gold
Beneath a sheet of glass.

I traveled over seven hills
That rose and fell like dresses’ frills,
Crossed seven streams that ran like quills,
To find the sea of gold.

I traversed seven plains beyond the hills,
Flatter than the flattest windowsills
With confetti flakes for daffodils
To find the sea of gold.

I found at last the sheet of glass
But was dismayed that I could not pass
Through the two-inch-thick expansive mass
To reach the sea of gold.

For, on my travel, I did not bring
A hammer, a saw, or even a ring
To shatter or scratch the glassy thing
That covered the sea of gold.

Only my gaze could pierce the glass
And reach the gold I'd found at last
After my arduous search. Alas!
The beautiful sea of gold!