Inkwell Literary Magazine wishes its readers a very happy new year! Students at Bob Jones University have returned for the Spring semester of the 2022–23 year, which means Inkwell is also back. We’re excited to announce our first theme of the year: “Fragility”!

Fragility: the quality of being easily broken or damaged, delicate or vulnerable.

The beginning of a semester can be a refreshing, exciting period, and many throw themselves into their studies with renewed vigor. But for others, a return to school may conjure anxieties, turmoil, or even sorrow. Relationships, motivations, and grades may walk a thin line. The staff at Inkwell wants to explore this line: when situations are precarious, they are often also full of potential. We’re excited to publish our writers’ explorations of fragility, such as weakness in old age, the complex nature of human relationships, or the inevitable crises, failures, and tragedies that punctuate our lives. We hope “Fragility” is an issue that all readers may relate to.

Send in any poetry, short story, or creative nonfiction submissions for "Fragility" to our editor-in-chief, Renee Kalagayan, at, and be sure to look for our very first issue of 2023 on February 10!