Inkwell Literary Magazine is pleased to present a very special second issue of the semester, “Nomad.”

Nomad: an individual who roams about

In a literal interpretation of the definition, a nomad could be someone who wanders the globe and seems aimless, but perhaps there is a purpose behind the journey. In a more figurative sense, a nomad could be someone who stays in the same place but breaks away from former friends and must brave life alone. Maybe a nomad is merely a nomad at heart, an individual chained to work or school but constantly daydreaming of discovering all the adventures this world has to offer. In the end, we are all nomads, for we are all roaming about in a land that is not our own until we reach our heavenly destination. Until then, it is our duty to roam—to share with others the directions to our eternal home with our loving Father.

Additionally, we have the privilege of publishing the work of the winners of our Bible Conference writing contest. Contestants were given the prompt “Haven” as an homage to Dare for More Ministries of Guatemala, which provides a haven for women to heal from abuse, learn valuable skills, and receive the Gospel. Bob Jones University students Haven Visser and Savannah Pack wrote about this theme beautifully, and we hope you enjoy their work—and “Nomad” in its entirety—as much as we did.

A PDF version of “Nomad” is available for download here. We’d also like to remind our readers that we are currently accepting submissions for our next issue, “Nostalgia.” You can view submission details here, and please submit your work by Friday, March 8.