Look at God’s army,
And you will see an army
Of outcasts,
Rejected by the world,
Counted as worthless and hopeless,
Cast out, and wandering among strangers
With no place to call home.
Yet they do not despair,
Because God stooped,
Lifted them from the dust,
And gave them a reason to live,
To fight,
To keep going.
They live because He is their life.
They fight because they know
He deserves the glory of a victor’s praise.
They keep going,
Sometimes crawling on hands and knees,
Too weak to stand, praying, hoping,
Because they believe
That He will not abandon them
To darkness.
These are the soldiers
In God’s army.
These are the outcasts:
The ones who have no place on Earth,
But who have been lifted up
As eternal citizens of Heaven.