In Greenville, South Carolina, spring is beginning to color the trees and bushes again after a chilly week, and students at Bob Jones University are gearing up for a week of rest. We at Inkwell Literary Magazine are pleased to ring in Spring Break by presenting a preview of our third issue this semester: “Clarity”!

“The Mirror of Dolion,” a short story by staff writer Mackenzie Joy, illustrates the theme of clarity using the motif of a mirror. The catch, however, is that the things seen in this mirror are not always as clear as they may seem. Please enjoy Mackenzie’s whimsical tale and mark your calendars for the full release of “Clarity” on March 31!

The Mirror of Dolion
The mischievous Russian Blue hunched on the shelf, taunting me with her purrs and deceitfully sunny personality. She shook my wand in her jaws, her saliva flying everywhere. “Zinta! You drop that right now,” I ordered. The cat flicked her tail at my face and jumped to a higher shelf. She landed ne…