October has ushered in cooler weather, but for many students the increased crispness has arrived with increased academic rigor. Midterms loom on the horizon, and projects and papers abound. Inkwell explored the capacity to learn, develop, and grow with our first issue, Ability, and for our second issue, we are recognizing the struggle necessary to push through this jam-packed season. We are pleased to present a sneak peek of our upcoming issue, Resistance!

The poem “Simple Wonders” is by one of our newest staff writers, Eden N. Rowland. She speaks not of the tedium of homework, nor of a barrier obscuring success, but of the seemingly ordinary gifts that the Father of Lights provides for us. Surrounded by such beauty, how can we resist worshiping the One who created every good thing? We hope your heart is delighted by this optimistic take on our theme. Be sure to keep an eye out for “Resistance,” which releases on October 14!

Simple Wonders
When I see eyes of a bright blue hue, Reflecting a precious soul in two spheres, I cannot help but marvel at their beauty And wonder at how they resemble the sea. When I hear Debussy’s “Clair de Lune” Played gracefully on the piano keys, My mind schemes an extravagant escape— And I dream of Edinbur…