Though he rarely laughed, his eyes did often,
    so as I stood silent over his coffin,
    tears filled mine.
The tempestuous weather matched my heart;
    wind cruelly whispering “Now you’re apart.”
There was no silver line
    to the storm clouds blocking out the sun.
Though the rain had not yet come,
    thunder grumbled far away.
How vicious a truth: my love had left me,
    my heart fading with each hollow beat.
Could Death not tarry? Not let him stay?
Feeling cold and alone, I decided to leave,
    and discover somewhere safer to grieve
    beyond the silent trees.
Walking through the vast, solemn park,
I watched as the encroaching dark
    claimed the sky and me.
As the first stars reached my eyes,
I heard him speak, “No one dies,
    we only sail on.”
I stopped in my tracks, searching the sky for his face,
    and cherishing his last spoken embrace,
    and waited for dawn.