Without asking for thanks, he works
In his quiet, humble way.
Without a murmur, he endures
The burdens of the day.
Without a thought for his own wants,
He gives to those in need;
And most of all, he spends his time
And energy for me.

He listens with a caring heart,
With kindness in his eye;
He feels my pain and does not judge
When, overwhelmed, I cry.
He guides me through the maze of life
With gentle, loving hands:
Corrects, rebukes, but loves no less,
And tries to understand.

All thanks to God the Father
For fathers just like mine,
Who sacrifice themselves in love,
And always point to Christ!
I give thanks to God my Father,
And I thank my father too,
For all he is, and all he does,
And all he strives to do.