Ancient as the knotted oak,
He is the wisest of all his folk—
White his coat and beard and tail;
Keen eyes glowing without fail.
His memory is deep; his knowledge, vast;
His foresight, long and anchored fast.
The wise old Centaur of Kimpor
A legend is in myth and lore.
In the forest he abides,
Deep amid hoary, stooping trees.
His home, a cave carved out of stone,
Is occupied by him alone.
In solitude wandering over the hills
Through speckled light and dancing shadows,
He canters past the mountain creeks
Until, atop the highest peak,
He gazes down upon the land.
Through the years, he, near at hand,
Has watched, faithful Guardian of old,
Keeping peace within the world.
Yet none seeks to know the lore
And speak of him, who, in Kimpor,
Lives forgotten as ages pass,
Holding truth and justice fast.

Author’s note: The Centaur of Kimpor is a character in a fantasy novel I am developing. He is one of a group of Guardians called The Circle; each protects one or several worlds. Each Guardian also has a life-link: a special connection to something that gives him or her magical abilities. The Centaur is linked to time. Due to this life-link, he is roughly 5,400 years old and is growing younger instead of older, using magic to stay old. The world he protects is called Queashoni; the forest he lives in is the Kimpor Forest.