This semester the staff at Inkwell Literary Magazine wrote about fragility—times our competencies, relationships, or emotions seem like they’re slipping through our fingers. In our next issue, we want to explore one feeling that is often an outgrowth of fragility. We’re pleased to present our second theme of the year: “Sorrow”!

Sorrow: a feeling of deep distress caused by loss, disappointment, or other misfortune.

Being human in a fallen world means that sorrow is something that each of us can relate to, though sorrow touches each person differently. The sorrow in our lives may look like heartache, grief, gloom, despair, or depression. The Inkwell staff wants to explore these difficult but integral parts of the human experience.

Please send submissions for “Sorrow” to our editor-in-chief, Renee Kalagayan, at, and stay tuned for the issue release on March 3!