He was the oldest brother,
An example to the siblings that were younger,
Counseling them with golden advice,
In the absence of his drunken father, helping his dying, single mother

He grew to be a soldier;
He worked his way to Major,
A model to followers that strived to be leaders.
Positioning himself frontline every battle,
He served this country proud as no performer.

He learned to be a loving partner,
The ideal to loners that wish for an admirer.
Holding her through the hardest of times,
He loved his wife as her biggest supporter.

Above all-
He became the best father,
The standard for all in the future.
He raised his daughter with purpose
To be righteous, honest, and pure.

When looking for a small white ring
to pose on his daughter’s finger,
he recognized a danger, turned and broadened his back
shielding her from a menace,
He gave his life to defend his dear daughter.

He was always the greater,
The hero to each one, even his killer,
Who believed and repented
After a story from the hero’s brother:

“He was my older brother,
A man always pointing me to do better.
He would’ve done the same for you.
I know that he forgives you as does the Ultimate Forgiver.”