Pencils scratch and scribble
Like dozens of mice scurrying
Across a table—
The teacher paces purposefully,
Watching her pupils’ work,
Waiting for the lightbulb—
That spark of comprehension.
Patient as a farmer watching
His crops grow, she guides—
Cultivating understanding.

From the classroom to the home,
You’re still the same in patience and purpose—
You protect like a hen with her chicks,
Firm yet gentle. Diligent and strong.
Example reigns—more effective than words—
From you spring waters of inspiration:
I teach to learn; I teach to inspire;
I teach to love—like you,
My mom, my guide and friend.
You empower me to stand.

For my mother—my mentor, my inspiration to teach, and the greatest supporter of my work—in celebration of Mother’s Day.