Lord! The battle goes on,
And the end is far from near;
Duty is harsh, and pleasures are dear!
The days are so dark that the night’s a relief.
Please, hear me, O Lord, and answer
My plea!

My heart fails in strength
As the battle goes on,
Unchanging, unceasing in gray dusk and dawn.
Hear me, dear Lord, and answer my plea!
I ask for no pleasures, but strength
From Thee!

All my desire is to do Thy will,
And in my heart burns that one goal;
Like Christ’s cry in dark Gethsemane,
“For strength I pray,
To trust and obey,
O Lord!”

“Have I not commanded thee?
Now of strength and a good courage be!
Be not afraid, nor be thou dismayed.”
I hear like the hush of wind in the trees,
“I am the Lord; and I am thy God—
Trust in Me.

Sure and steady always be,
And watch as I work a wonder in thee!
The end will draw nigh,
And the battle will close,
And you will have victory
Over all of your foes!”