Sunlight glittered on the liquid streets—
Like a sea of diamonds,
Michele thought as he ran to meet
His darling at the Shining Islands,
A restaurant they were fond of
Since the beginning of their love.
With a quickened pace, he bounded
Inside and up the staircase
To the balcony he reserved
And ensured everything was in its place;
Complete perfection was required.
Like an artist with his masterpiece,
He stepped back and admired
The decorated yet solitary space.
Steps echoed sharply on the stairs—
This is the moment, Michele thought,
Raking his hands through his hair.
Pulling a small box from his pocket,
He lowered himself to one knee.
He saw her first—radiant and beaming,
Long brown hair hanging free.
Her blue eyes, bright and sparkling,
Met his with surprise and delight.
But, before he could speak,
She started to fade from sight—
He woke in a bedroom, cold and dark,
And reached for her beside him, but
Found the bed empty—just like his heart.