I was a common person,
A droplet in a cloud;
God called me for a sunbeam,
But I did not stand out.

I could have helped that person;
I could have said that word;
I could have smiled some
To cheer a man in need.

I could have loved and lifted;
I could have changed a life
With the talents that God gifted
Me, but I only saw myself.

I only saw my wishes,
My own pains and my cares;
Why sacrifice for others
And carry all their fears?

Why lift my eyes for once
And look for needy ones?
So I dropped my gaze,
And then my chance was gone.

But somewhere in my mind,
Still, I see their faces:
Worn with care and lined
With grief; my chance was missed.

Hopeless persons throng and crowd;
So many roam in night!
Pray God will help you break the cloud
And shine out with His light!

Author’s Note: Like a cloud blocks sunlight, we can obscure God's goodness in others' lives by not caring for them in the way that God wants us to. My desire is to “break the cloud”—and encourage others to do the same—and be instead a sunbeam, a ray of hope for those in need.